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Well if you are here then you must be looking for something related to your Home, Kitchen and Bathroom. You are at the right place. Here you will find products which will help you in furnishing your home or improving your already furnished home, we have products like Table Clock with Hidden Camera which will not only show you the correct time but also it will keep your home secure from unwanted intruders. You know who else are unwanted intruders? -Diseases, which occurs due to unhygienic or unclean spaces in your home. You are probably thinking that you clean your house regularly and properly, But there are always some spaces which you cannot reach like those Air Vents, But now you can reach those tight spaces which were unexplored before by having this Dirt Vacuum Sweeper.

We also have range of Kitchen Gadgets to choose from, Which will help you cook food fast and easily, Like these Egg Cooker Egglettes which will save you from the mess of Popping Eggs while boiling. Or you can have this Pancake Maker which will help you in making pancakes faster as it can make up to seven pancakes together, you can also use the same pancake maker to make up to seven omelettes together, where else you will get the best deal than this. We also have products related to Bathroom & Laundry like these Drain Cleaner and Deodorizer Magic Sticks which are perfect for you if you cannot stand the smell that comes out of Drain. If you can stand the smell of Drain then Dude you are weird, But we at Outlet Eighteen still love you. <3